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Got a query? Read some frequently asked questions about ProposlSmartz Desktop
How can I be sure it is safe to make purchases on your site?
  At ProposalSmartz, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to protect your information. When you key in your credit card number, SSL encrypts all personal information including your card number, name and address. With this encryption, only ProposalSmartz is allowed to decode your information.
Is there any proof that the connection is secure?
  Please glance at the lower right-hand or left-hand corner of your browser window when you visit a website. If there is an unbroken key or a closed lock, it means that the SSL is working and your data is protected. You can confirm this by looking at the URL in the address line of your browser. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will be 'https' not ‘http’.
What makes ProposalSmartz Desktop so convenient and easy to use?
  This proposal creation software is integrated as an add on with Microsoft Word and publishes proposals in the form of Word documents that are completely editable in Word. ProposalSmartz Desktop also allows you to publish your proposal as a PDF. The Windows look and feel and the tabbed interface makes Proposalsmartz Desktop very easy to use.
What if I need the proposal in Word format?
  Proposalsmartz Desktop publishes proposals in common formats- Word and PDF. You can choose any or both these formats. Attach proposal as email or print them out - convenience is the watchword.
How do I insert images and my logo in my proposal?
  You can insert images and your logo after you finish publishing your proposal as a Word document. In fact you can apply formatting, styles, tables and insert whatever images you want since now you have on your hands a proposal that is a completely editable Word doc.
How are templates useful in proposal creation?
  While you are making your proposal, you can choose from several templates that deal with a variety of topics. Company History, Executive Summary, Proposal Objectives, Business Trends etc. are a few of them. These templates come with pre-populated content that you will find extremely helpful and convenient. You can edit their content to suit your specific requirements. The use of templates allows your proposal to be split up into ordered sections according to topic and content, making for coherent, lucid communication.
What are themes in ProposalSmartz?
  Themes in ProposalSmartz refers to the various styles of display of content. Each theme in ProposalSmartz Desktop comes with its individual cover and text formatting. Themes also display beautiful backgrounds both textured and patterned that are visible to clients on screen. This increases the attractiveness quotient of your proposal and impresses potential clients.
Can I re-use proposals that I have made earlier?
  Definitely! Proposalsmartz Desktop allows you to publish proposals as PDF and Word documents. These can be saved, stored, edited and re-used as you like.
What are Dynamic Variables?
  Dynamic Variables can save you time and effort. This is a system by which data you have entered while beginning the proposal like your name, the company name, the proposed company name and contact name are picked up dynamically by the application and inserted at relevant places in the content of the proposal, wherever required. This saves you effort and time since you do not need to manually enter this data in appropriate places in the content.
How can I get my proposal printed through FedEx Kinko?
  Once you create your proposal, you can click on the FedEx Kinko third party tool in the application and choose to have your proposal professionally printed by them.
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